Diego Lozano

Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach

With a vast experience in performance training, Diego is certified under some of the best performance coaches in the world such as Joe Defranco and Jim “Smitty” Smith, and continues to bring their key training philosophy and athlete development principles into practice. Having coached a wide variety athletes in multiple performance sports (Basketball, Football, Boxing, and Jujitsu), Diego not only delivers experience in the prescription and coaching for competitive athletes, his passion to support recreational and health based athlete is a key strength he brings into the Pinnacle training system.

Having found his niche through basketball, Diego remains an active and competing basketball player himself as well as leading the Strength and Conditioning with the Adamson Soaring Falcons and a large number of basketball players from the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). The PBA is considered one of the best leagues in Asia and a good number of athletes from every participating team have gone through his programmes. Diego is excited to bring his experience and knowledge with some of the Philippines most highly competitive athletes, as well as his results in body composition changes, nutritional support, and health related transformations to every member and athlete at Pinnacle Manila.

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