Tom Summers

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Tom is an internationally accredited coach with vast experience within many sports such as cricket, rugby and football, at both domestic and international level. An ‘ironman’ himself, he has experience working with professional and elite performance athletes, and has an outstanding proven track record, including 3 successful years as Head Coach for Pinnacle Performance, offers a level of experience and service that is extremely valued…

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Louie Mendoza

Facility Supervisor / Strength & Conditioning Coach

As a graduate from the University of Santo Tomas with a BSc in Sports Science, Louie brings his knowledge to Pinnacle Performance with a practical and scientific approach to strength and conditioning training. Due to his experience in the UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) as a Fencing athlete, he is well aware of the importance of proper training, nutrition, and injury prevention in the improvement of athletic performance.

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Diego Lozano

Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach

With a vast experience in performance training. Diego is certified under some of the best performance coaches in the world such as Joe Defranco and Jim “Smitty” Smith, and continues to bring their key training philosophy and athlete development principles into practice. Having coached a wide variety athletes in multiple performance sports (Basketball, Football, Boxing, and Jujitsu), Diego not only delivers experience in the prescription and coaching for competitive athletes, his passion to support recreational and health based athlete is a key strength he brings into the Pinnacle training system.

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Paco Ramos

Junior Fitness Coach

‘Rafa’ brings a vast array of practical, technical and advanced coaching to his role in Pinnacle Performance. Being exposed to different disciplines, teams, and populations has made Rafa a highly experienced coach in the facility. He is accustomed to training professionals, recreational athletes, and the general population across all ages and both genders.

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