Offering Elite Sports Fitness Coaching, High Performance Management and Physiotherapy to both elite athletes and members of the public, Pinnacle Performance facilitates a “0 to 100” provision whereby clients are placed on a pathway to their ‘Pinnacle’ regardless of their ability, condition or experience. To facilitate this, Pinnacle Performance (Philippines) is proud to partner with ProHealth Sports & Spinal, a leading physiotherapy provider in Hong Kong and Asia, situated on the same floor alongside Pinnacle’s facility in Makati.



Our partners are perfectly placed, both literally and figuratively, to provide the highest quality of care for members of the public to receive truly customised therapy joined with the client’s placement on their complete rehabilitation path; the only place in Manila where one can be realise a complete “0 to 100” journey of wellbeing.

Established in 2000, ProHealth Sports & Spinal physiotherapy centres have been serving Hong Kong for almost 2 decades and are rapidly expanding to India and Singapore this year in addition to the Philippines.  As a growing network in Asia, they combine resources from all locations and deliver training for our physiotherapists through continued education and training programmes facilitated by the ProHealth Physiotherapy Academy (PPA).

ProHealth provides modern, high-end and well-appointed clinics where patients can relax in a private environment to evaluate and assess symptoms prior to treatment. Their hands-on treatments are unique and patients can expect thorough assessments, expert analysis and evaluation, matched with a specially designed treatment plan and expert care. ProHealth‘s expertise lies mainly in back and neck pain, spinal rehabilitation, musculoskeletal and chronic pain, occupational and sports physiotherapy, but they also cover a wide range of conditions such as post-surgery rehabilitation.

Treatment services within the Makati clinic include:

Manual therapy | Sports physiotherapy | Spinal manipulation | Massage therapy | Spinal rehabilitation | Post-operative rehabilitation | Exercise prescription | Ergonomics | Clinical Pilates

The way ProHealth formulates their goal-orientated therapy treatments works in favour of the client, especially those who want to perform well in their chosen sport, or after they have had an injury or surgery and want to return to exercise. The best customised therapy plan they can offer the patient is to work closely with a Strength & Conditioning coach, so this symbiotic relationship with Pinnacle Performance is a great opportunity for patients to benefit from a goal-oriented and performance-based plan. Pinnacle focuses on performance as the ultimate end goal, creating the most competitive athletes possible, whilst following a set mission of PLAN – PURSUE – PERFORM along a customised “0 to 100” pathway. Pair this with ProHealth’s extensive knowledge in sports physiotherapy and sports medicine management, the end-result is a world leading 3-fold benefit to sports enthusiasts and athletes.


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