Youth Memberships become a permanent fixture…

We are delighted to announce that Pinnacle Youth Memberships will now be a permanent monthly membership option after our successful launch throughout the summer. The provisions will again include specifically coached training sessions on site at the Pinnacle Performance gym, Hong Kong. We will continue to prescribe individually designed programmes based on sports-specific disciplines to cater to young aspiring athletes and general fitness enthusiasts. Each membership includes 4 coach-delivered sessions each week (1630-1730 Monday – Thursday), 2 of which contain our flagship Strength & Power programmes together with 2 hours of Conditioning, all of which include modalities to plan, build, enhance and develop a Pinnacle ‘youth’ (maximum age 16), as well as considerations for each individual’s age, training history, sport discipline, health direction and injury history/concerns.

  • 1 x Weekly Youth EXPLODE programme to focus on speed & agility (Monday);
  • 1 x Weekly Youth LOAD programme to focus on safe strength development (Wednesday);
  • 2 x Weekly Youth CONDITIONING programmes to focus on competition-ready endurance & general health (Tuesday & Thursday).

At Pinnacle we ensure safe and correct athletic development of individually prescribed training through coach-led supervision every session, and to maintain our service standards there are currently only 30 Pinnacle youth memberships available, allowing a maximum of 10 athletes per session. Individuals can book online to reserve there place for each session. Each individual membership is a complete combination of INDIVIDUALLY prescribed training sessions for the safe and proper athletic development of a youth athlete.



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