The launch of Pinnacle BLACK, Pinnacle Performance’s third facility, second in Hong Kong, seeks to recruit dedicated, experienced coaches for career opportunities within this exciting city.

Pinnacle Performance in Hong Kong currently provides the complete athletic provision for 3 national sports teams, multiple regional sports clubs, ironman and amateur triathletes, regional CrossFit athletes, and multiple fitness enthusiasts. Resident physiotherapist and sports massage therapists add significant value to an already high-end performance centre by completing a “0 to 100” pathway.

Expanding in Hong Kong, Pinnacle BLACK will offer a second high performance facility accommodating all levels of training for health, athletic, and competitive goals, by means of individually prescribed strength and conditioning programmes, and it is for this expansion, pinned for February 2017, that Pinnacle are seeking a new coaching team to fit into our complete Pinnacle Pathway, from interns to facility manager and senior S&C coach. For more information, please download our career information pack here or contact us now.


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