Hong Kong Golf Association sign High Performance Management deal with Pinnacle

Pinnacle Performance are delighted to announce the newest of their flagship partnerships with the Hong Kong Golf Association (HKGA). Responsible for the complete athletic development of the youth boys and girls as well as some of the senior international players, Pinnacle will be providing complete High Performance Management to the Association; strength and conditioning, nutritional support, mental preparation, profiling measures and physiotherapy.

With athletes based across the globe both competing, studying, and training, the nature of competitive golf and the path to professional standards is an incredibly hard fought one. The movement competencies, speed of execution, and repetitive perfection required at this level of the sport aligns perfectly with the mantra and pathway of other Pinnacle athletes and it is with great excitement we offer our experience and coaching expertise to support the full team and coaching staff around them.

Forgetting what grass looks like and looking to get into golf in Hong Kong for a break from the city congestion? Check out the HKGA’s website for your nearest course and some ‘pay and play’ options.


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