In a fitness and health world that is saturated with capitalist opportunism and short-term fake ‘solutions’, we look at how you can gain clarity in a mucky world of choice and consumerism, and reach your goals the efficient and sustainable way…

The “Zone”

To drive the very best out of every member and every session we encourage the use of a goal, a specific outcome for every time you train. The need to avoid […]

Carbohydrate Cycling

Well junk season in Hong Kong is a matter of weeks away and we all want to trim the excesses of winter while ensuring we […]

The Time Travelling Mind

We all currently have the capability to time travel mentally. Gazing into the past and future is something all of us do daily. Reminiscing about […]

The Pinnacle Resolution…

January is upon us and everyone is all of a sudden unhappy with their last 12 months and committed to making a change! Pinnacle holds all your answers…

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