Getting that Pull-Up

So girls, you want to get your first pull-up? Here’s a systematic approach as to how you can get it.
By Melissa Gut, Pinnacle HK Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Managing Traveling Athletes

Athletes can be one of the most difficult types of physiotherapy patients to manage. Here are some ‘do’s’, ‘don’ts’ and ‘go-to’ guidelines how the Pinnacle Physio team manage traveling athletes, which can be applied to all athletes at any level who have goals.
By Sarah Whitehead, Pinnacle HK Physiotherapist.

The Conveyor Belt of Development

Tom Summers, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Pinnacle Southeast Asia, talks about what can an athlete, and indeed a coach, learn from various different industries in order to place teams and athletes onto a conveyor belt of success and development…

The ‘Concept of Ergos’

Utilising an Ergo in the correct fashion has an incredible amount of benefits. Here we explore exactly what these benefits are and how to perform proper technique.
By Austin Smith, Pinnacle HK Facility Manager & Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach.

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