Athletic Track

An integrated 15m athletics track. Whether for speed, agility or power work, for pushing and pulling our variety of sleds, or for testing your precise acceleration and speed abilities with our integrated wireless speed testing system, our athletic track is a must as part of your gym programme.

Performance Suite

The ‘Performance Area’ within our gym houses 2 full size, integrated Olympic Lifting platforms, jerk blocks and power racks. If you are going to get stronger and more powerful you need to perform on the right surface, with the correct equipment and in the best environment. Our platforms will support any individual who strives to maximise their gains in a performance environment.

Resistance Equipment

Our resistance equipment and strength area within the gym is equipped with multiple squat racks, benches, kettlebells, dumbbells and enough weight to fully rack-up 8 barbells to 200kg. Pull from the ground, push over head, squat, jump or throw; whatever your training requirements we will help you raise your own ‘bar’.

Conditioning Equipment

The only way to develop your energy systems and accurately spend your time training for enjoyment or performance is to utilise your body’s feedback mechanism. Our 4 ‘Concept 2′ rowers and 4 ‘Keiser M3′ spin bikes are wirelessly equipped to offer you visual feedback on your individual heart rate response, training intensity and recovery periods. Don’t guess how well you are training, maximise how well you are developing. The entire gym is equipped with a wireless Polar Heart Rate Team Wear system; we don’t guess you’re development, we measure it.

Suspension & Body Weight Area

Nothing can rival the ability to move your own body within its environment, more so within a gym. Pinnacle Performance houses rings, ropes and TRX suspension systems to challenge your movement control. We believe in foundational strength and development from the floor up.


No gym is complete or sufficient without a personal area for cleaning and changing; Pinnacle has full male and female changing rooms complete with showers, lockers for valuables as well as complimentary towel usage and drinking water consumption. Additionally, take use within the gym of our discounted nutritional supplements, branded clothing line and many other retail items. Everything that you purchase can be charged to credit card or cash.

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