Pinnacle LIFT

On the back of the success of The Pinnacle Million, when 23 amateur athletes lifts a combined total of 1.6 million kg’s in 24 hours through the ‘Deadlift’ alone, and raised HK$150,000 (PHP900,000) for The Pinnacle Foundation, we knew 2017 had to involve even more athletes and more competition from around Southeast Asia.



Pinnacle LIFT is going to be another ‘max kg’ Deadlift challenge – this time within 60 minutes in teams of 4 (2 males & 2 females), with the total weight lifted aggregated across the total team mass in order to to find one winner in each of a Novice and Elite category, i.e. the team with the greatest relative strength wins!

With a targeted 50 teams across all 3 Pinnacle facilities, and across a live streaming competition, we will have up to 12 teams (3 in each facility) lifting at any one time and competing for the highest total. Not only is this a huge event for the Foundation (monies raised will again go to supporting underprivileged youth athletes), but also a very encapsulating event that has already received co branding and event requests from the gyms and facilities. With nothing else in the 2017 calendar for strength competitions (other than usual Asian champs), this is the perfect opportunity for amateur lifters to compete!


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